Protection, Intelligence, Education Established November 2010

24-Hour Call Center: (862) 245-2272

Trust the agency that cares about you and your family

The mission of the Cyber Crime Response Agency is to lessen the burdens of government by assisting law enforcement with the apprehension of internet criminals as well as provide education to the public about cyber safety and awareness.

Our investigations are provided to the public as well, free of charge. We only ask that a donation is provided, if possible. Our non-profit organization relies on donations for operational purposes.

- Evidence collection from online predators
- Private investigations for victims of online crime
- School and public safety seminars
- Program security for chat rooms and applications
- Victims advocate program for closed cases
- Online training modules for new volunteers


There's no feeling you learn to appreciate more than your security. Our founder, Matthew Baumgartner, knows it all too well. After his friends were victimized, he knew there had to be a better way of investigating incidents. He couldn't find a satisfying way, so he did what any man looking to protect his friends does: he created a means to ensure their safety. Now, these services are available to the public, free of charge.


CCRA is not a law enforcement agency